Energy Literacy

This is a category of articles that have been accumulating on WattClarity for some time, aimed at helping to tame Villain #4, which is what we see as a growing deficit in Energy Literacy/Numeracy required to effectively deal with the growing challenges of this energy transition.



Different approaches for dispatch

Highlighting the different approaches taken to cost/price based dispatch in an interconnected electricity system (or market).

Beginner’s Guide to how dispatch works in the NEM, and hence how prices are set

Walking through 5 (much simplified) "Dispatch Intervals" to illustrate some starting principles of marginal price based dispatch arrangements, such as used in the National Electricity Market

Helping to tame Villain #4 by understanding more about MLFs

Conversations in the week following my post about "Villain #4" (being the deficit in required Energy Literacy) prompted some analysis relating to Marginal Loss Factors

An explainer about electricity demand [take 1]

Following from a steady stream of questions we receive in relation to a range of our products (but in particular with respect to "the RenewEconomy Widget") we've invested some time to put this post together to explain some of what we understand about electricity demand.

Power station ‘trips’ are normal, but blackouts are not

Understanding the difference between blackouts, generator trips and intermittent generation and how these events are managed.

Introducing a train analogy to explain Power Systems 101

[PART 1 of] a post by guest author, Bruce Miller - which was initially posted on LinkedIn as one piece, but which has been broken into two on WattClarity as each part serves different purposes.

What does “Unserved Energy” actually mean – a brief explainer

A brief explainer of what "Unserved Energy" (or USE) actually means, in the context of the AEMO "Electricity Statement of Opportunities 2017" (ESOO) released this week.

[In the NEM, at least] Business consumption of electricity dwarfs residential consumption of electricity

AEMO data for the National Electricity Market shows business consumption of electricity is more than twice that of residential consumption of electricity

Cost Confusion

Our guest author, Allan O'Neil, posts an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of an increasingly popular metric - the LCOE (or Levellised Cost of Energy)

Let’s talk about FCAS

Ancillary Services Matter! No longer just realm of electrical engineer or energy trading boffins, ancillary services (and particularly Frequency Control Ancillary Services or FCAS which will concentrate on today) have become front and centre in so many ways that barely a day goes by without market observers referring to grid stability, inertia or frequency management.

What is demand?

Some explanation of the demand measures quoted in WattClarity

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