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Initial Review: NEM-wide Price Event, Monday 30 Jan 2017

Extremely hot weather in NSW and the NEM’s underappreciated “rail gauge mismatch” contributed to a sharp multi-state price spike during the afternoon peak

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Quick Review: $13,800/MWh Queensland spike Mon Jan 30

Quick review of an isolated early morning spike in Queensland

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Initial Review: $14,000/MWh Spike in Qld, Fri 27 Jan 2017

A look at last Friday’s short sharp price spike in Queensland and why it led to negative settlement residues on the interconnection with NSW

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Review of the NEM in 2016

Electricity consumption in the National Electricity Market (NEM) increased by 0.8% in 2016, this is on top of a 1.1% increase in 2015. Queensland and NSW experienced increases in consumption with all other states experiencing a reduction.

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A more forensic look at Queensland Price Volatility on Saturday 14th January 2017

An animated walk through 19 hours of Saturday 14th January 2017 in the Queensland region of the National Electricity Market – a day we dubbed “sizzling Saturday” not least because of extreme price volatility

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One example of how price spikes in the physical market flow through to the financial market

Illustrating how the price spike on 14th January flowed through to hedge contract prices.

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Illustrating how the currently installed rooftop solar PV has reduced peak demand – but more won’t reduce it more**

Looking at 13th, 14th and 15th January and the contribution of solar PV to peak demand reduction

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Queensland demand today exceeds the previous all-time record

The Queensland region experienced a new all-time record for electricity demand today, along with some very hot weahter

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[UPDATED] NEM-wide demand screams past 34,000MW today

NEM-wide demand roared to life today, for the first time this summer, with hot weather pretty much everywhere.

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QLD’s Cumulative Price over half way to the Cumulative Price Threshold after a “sizzling Saturday”

Volatility in Queensland on a sizzling Saturday drives the Cumulative Price more than half-way to the Cumulative Price Threshold (where price caps would be imposed).

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