Monthly Archives: November 2016

Summer 2016-17 in the NEM

Articles relating to what happens across the NEM through summer 2016-17

So early in summer, will Queensland set a new record for peak demand?

Head’s up for what might be a new record maximum electricity demand on Friday – so early in summer…

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A big disconnect between words and actions?

Can you help me understand this apparent (and large) disconnect between words and actions in the GreenPower space?

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Hazelwood closure announcement reflected in MT PASA capacity forecasts

Engie’s announced closure of Hazelwood reflected as a big step change reduction in available capacity in Victoria at the end of March 2017.

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What would price impacts be, if Hazelwood were to close in March 2017 as rumoured?

In reality, it’s impossible to “know” what the price outcomes would be when Hazelwood closes. Here’s some reasons why…

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