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Next Step for Smart Grid in Australia

It’s 18 months since the completion of the Smart Grid Smart City project – here’s some thoughts from one of the people who was very much involved in the project (a new guest author for us at WattClarity).

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Queensland demand forecast to break 9,000MW for the first time next week

AEMO’s current PASA forecasts indicate a likelihood that we’ll see a new record set for electricity demand in Queensland early next week.

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NSW electricity demand a shave higher than last week

Hot weather pushes electricity demand in NSW higher than the high met set last week – a new “highest point in summer, thus far”

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NSW demand tops 12,800MW and reserves tighten today – prior to the cool change

Today was the turn for NSW to feel the heat – with demand rising and supplies stretched as a result.

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NEM-wide demand breaks 32,000MW – highest so far this summer

NEM-wide demand exceeds 32,000MW for the first time this summer (so 2,000MW higher than the previous summer level, already). A volatile day in pictures…

Queensland demand rises above 8,000MW

Queensland demand rose above 8,000MW

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NEM-wide demand climbs above 30,000MW today

Demand begins to wake from holiday slumber with temperatures up across the mainland.

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A collection of some core analytical challenges

A collection of articles speaking to some core analytical challenges. Others are categorised elsewhere – like my prior thoughts on three reasons why forecasting is a mug’s game.

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