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Failure to satisfy the LRET – Prospects and Implications

Some considerations, posted by guest author Andrew George, about the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target Scheme

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LNG meets the NEM

Some thoughts, from one of our guest authors, on how the emergence of an east-coast LNG industry will impact on electricity demand.

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Puzzling through three rule change requests

Some ideas that I have been puzzling over – about the overlaps and contradictions between 3 rule changes under consideration at the AEMC currently
1) The Demand Response Mechanism (better known as the Negawatt buyback mechanism)
2) The Bidding in Good Faith deliberation
3) The Requirement for Price-Responsive (large) Demand to bid into central dispatch

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Price Response of Large Energy Users could Affect Peak Summer Demand

One of our guest authors speaks, from their experience, how price-responsiveness of large industrial users (particularly with high contract prices for Q1 2016) might impact on peak demand this summer

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A meteorologist’s prognosis for peak demand for summer 2015-16

One of our guest authors returns to provide some insights on what weather predictions might mean for extreme temperatures and hence peak demands in the mainland regions.

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What factors will contribute to peak demand over summer 2015-2016?

Our guest author, Panos Priftakis, has prepared this analysis of some factors contributing to peak electricity demand – and contributes some insights for summer 2015-16. This might be particularly useful for those contemplating an entry in the WattClarity competition (which closes Friday 27th).

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Hot weather pushes NEM-wide demand higher than the peak for summer 2014-15 (and we’re not even in summer yet…)

It’s not even summer yet and we’ve already exceeded the high point of summer 2014-15 with the current hot weather…

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Summer 2015-16 in the NEM

Articles posted, relating to summer 2015-16 in the NEM

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It wasn’t the horse race that led the large drop in load in NSW coincident with the race

Responding to comments in social media about how “the race that stops the nation” might have contributed to a drop in demand in NSW

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If your horse did not come in today – here’s a better chance to win a BBQ (and possibly* a bottle of Grange)

The competition is back, for another summer (with 7+1 prizes on offer). Read through for details…

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