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Forecasting NSW peak demand is not as easy as it might initially seem – is there a better way?

What do the forecasts received for peak NSW demand this summer tell us about the various debates currently underway in terms of network regulation and industry transformation?

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Victorian demand comes back to life as the crowds gather for the tennis

Notice of a “Critical Peak Demand Day” for Victoria tomorrow draws our attention down south to see what the forecast is showing.

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Factors contributing to declining demand during 2014

Some analysis performed by one of our guest authors (Ric Brazzale) identifying the significant factors that contributed to declining demand in the NEM through 2014.

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Three sample approaches (of 173 worldwide) to integrating renewables into the grid

We saw Ryan Wavish present on this topic at All Energy 2014, and invited him to write an article for WattClarity highlighting some of the learnings of the ARENA-funded study.

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Mysterious jump in Queensland demand

It’s been reported that there appears to have been the addition of a large load in Queensland. Here we start to analyse.

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Gas price turn-around signals generation change

Some analysis of gas-fired generation in Queensland, with the first LNG exports steaming away from port.

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National regulations encourage new entrant retailers

Some thoughts about why we’ve been seeing an increase in the number of authorised electricity retailers competing in the Australian National Electricity Market, from a new guest author – Connor James

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Recapping prior peaks in NEM-wide demand

With only 4 days remaining (till Fri 9th Jan) here’s some tips about what the peak NEM-wide demand might be this summer, to help you submit your forecast before the deadline.

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Analysing trends in VIC electricity demand

Some analysis of how demand in Victoria has trended over 16 years – at least in part to help competition entrants provide their forecasts of what they think the peak Victorian regional demand will be for summer 2014-15

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