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Winter evening price spike – like yesteryear (not quite)

Coincident with the release of the RET Review, activity in the spot market provides some reminders…

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Is AGL Energy actually the NEM’s greenest generator?

A different look at the numbers suggests that AGL Energy does have some green credentials…

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… so what would the similar trend look like for the (larger) AGL

Following last week’s analysis of EnergyAustralia’s larger portfolio we do the same thing for AGL Energy (including Macquarie Generation)

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Privatising profits whilst socialising costs – part 1 (wholesale)

Some initial thoughts about some of the areas (in the wholesale market) where there’s been finger-pointing in different directions about “socialising costs whilst privatising profits”

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Volumes and revenues crunched by oversupply

Following the article in the FinReview today about EnergyAustralia…

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Negative spot prices in Queensland

Prices dropped below $0 in Queensland this morning – not for the first time in recent days…

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What happens if (when?) existing wind farms cross to “the Dark Side”?

A quick look at a price spike that occurred Monday evening (4th August) in South Australia

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Queensland gas prices plunge, and generators splurge

This is the lowest I can remember seeing the STTM gas price at the Brisbane hub!

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