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Behind all the buzz about Solar PV…

Some thoughts about solar PV, and energy efficiency, and the effects they seem to be producing at home.

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Winter 2014 in the NEM

A collection of articles we write to record and explore some of the events and outcomes we see occurring through winter 2014.

Here’s one I can’t recall seeing before

My curiosity was piqued today when I saw the AEMO had lobbed in a Market Notice titled “Zero Regulation Dispatched”.

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A few thoughts on the RET Review process

Some assorted thoughts about the RET, and the RET Review process currently underway

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Full Disclosure 3 - a beneficiary of QLD's 44c solar Feed-in-Tariff

Paul McArdle is one of approximately 400,000 beneficiaries of the Queensland Government’s 44c feed-in-tariff.

Full Disclosure 2 - Common beginnings of GLOBAL-ROAM and ROAM Consulting

Paul McArdle has had no involvement with ROAM Consulting for many years.

Full Disclosure 1 - fuel source agnostic

We try to remain agnostic to the technology used in energy supply

Full disclosure

Several disclosures to help provide some context to articles written by GLOBAL-ROAM Pty Ltd, and its employees, on this commentary site.

The role of wind today, in South Australia, with the LOR2 Market Notice issued

AEMO issues an LOR2 notice today for South Australia, noting of the possibility of load shedding in South Australia if a credible contingency occurs.

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