Monthly Archives: February 2014

The continuing change in the NEM landscape

Second article by Paul Taliangis (of Core Energy) looking at some of the broader changes at work in the NEM.

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No, these were not spurious price spikes in Queensland today

Some quick observations about the patterns of volatility seen this week in Queensland

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Summer’s not done yet – prices spike in humid Queensland

Hot and sticky weather in QLD drives demand higher and provides an opportunity for spot price volatility

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South Australian electricity weathers blistering heat

Walking through today in South Australia, following yesterday’s warnings.

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Brown coal production drops because of bushfires

Brown coal production drops as one outcome of the current bushfires around the Latrobe Valley

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The evolving spark spread triggers change in Queensland

Quick preliminary thoughts on the reported mothballing of capacity at Swanbank E and the return of two units at Tarong.

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