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Performance of wind farms, to date in 2013

Here’s a view of how daily wind farm production (by region, and NEM-wide) has trended over the 2013 calendar year to date – the correlation of output on a daily basis, and the contribution towards regional and NEM-wide demand

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Queensland lunchtime demand slips away….

Today (Wednesday 24th July) we note how the Queensland lunchtime electricity demand is stuck in the blue zone – the uptake of solar PV, and a sunny day for Clean Energy Week, would be part of the reason.

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Daily wind generation does not seem to be close to 90% of South Australia’s supplies–are we missing something?

Wind generation on some days in the past 2 weeks supplied a big percentage of SA demand – but not (on a daily basis, at least) near the 90% level.

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Animation of several hours over the evening of Saturday 12th January 2013 in Queensland

Here’s another animated case study of one more interesting time that occurred through summer 2013 in Queensland – on this occasion the evening of Saturday 12th January 2013.

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Quick quiz – how many do you get right, about what happened in the Queensland Region over summer 2013?

Five thought-provoking questions about what really happened in Queensland over summer 2013 – and the supplementary question about what it all means for the future.

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