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Revisiting 2nd January 2013 in Queensland – to illustrate the interaction of rebidding and constraints

Beginning prior to 7am and progressing through the morning of Wednesday 2nd January 2013, there was significant volatility in the Queensland region of the National Electricity Market – including four spikes at or above $1,000/MWh.

Here’s a walk-through of how it unfolded, with some pointers to some of the contributing factors.

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Wild price gyrations in Victoria (and elsewhere) today following a station trip at Yallourn

An animation of 90 minutes this morning where the price gyrated wildly in response to a trip at Yallourn, and numerous subsequent reactions by market participants and the AEMO.

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Chilly winter evenings show demand has declined for various reasons – not just solar PV

A cold evening in the NEM, and yet demand can’t make it past 30,000MW – which would have been quite startling 4 or 5 years ago (but not now, as demand has been declining for a number of reasons).

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SA summary for Thursday, compared to the preceding week

Following from a period of elevated prices in South Australia, prices dropped on Thursday. Here’s some reasons why…

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7-day South Australian overview (Thu 30 May to Wed 5 June)

Spot Prices in South Australia were elevated over the past 7 days – here are some reasons why.

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Queenslanders boil (the kettle) during Origin loss

It appears, from this high-level analysis, that events in the State of Origin mapped to changes in electricity demand across Brisbane last night.

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Prices yo-yo in SA this morning, as installed capacity goes missing

Following yesterday’s warnings about the potential for a tight supply/demand balance in South Australia this week, it was not really a surprise when the SMS alerts from NEM-Watch began buzzing for the 07:20 dispatch interval this morning (NEM time), highlighting that the dispatch price in SA had jumped to $12,199.20/MWh. This has continued through the morning.

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Load shed warning (LOR3) issued by AEMO for Tuesday in South Australia

It’s not looking that great, currently, for the supply/demand balance in South Australia this week – when viewing predispatch, ST PASA and AEMO’s Market Notices

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