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Articles about market reform – in the NEM and elsewhere.



My recent presentation: "Power system control or market control of a power system"

Guest presenter, Kate Summers, spoke at UoM Climate and Energy College on 15th August 2018, with the presentation recorded. Kate shares this today with WattClarity readers.

Managing Energy Sector Disruption is Like Delivering a Joke’s Punchline… Timing is Everything

One of the most disruptive impacts on Australia’s electricity system over the past decade or so has been the rapid uptake of air conditioners – a consumer driven response to the introduction of inexpensive products from China.

Next Step for Smart Grid in Australia

It's 18 months since the completion of the Smart Grid Smart City project - here's some thoughts from one of the people who was very much involved in the project (a new guest author for us at WattClarity).

Puzzling through three rule change requests

Some ideas that I have been puzzling over - about the overlaps and contradictions between 3 rule changes under consideration at the AEMC currently

1) The Demand Response Mechanism (better known as the Negawatt buyback mechanism)

2) The Bidding in Good Faith deliberation

3) The Requirement for Price-Responsive (large) Demand to bid into central dispatch

Pitfalls of Demand Management for the Domestic Electricity Consumer

Some thoughts by a new guest author about different tariff options for delivering demand management for residential electricity customers - and the relative benefits of each for the network.

Is the real issue related to 5 minute dispatch and 30 minute settlement?

Some thoughts from another guest author, Greg Denton, about the current rule change proposal "Bidding in Good Faith" being assessed by the AEMC.

What are, and will be, business niches for aggregators?

Following an invitation to speak at a QUT Energy Forum last week, here are some thoughts about some business niches for aggregators.

Electricity Pricing: An alternative to unlimited bill increases

A synopsis of one of the challenges facing the electricity sector - and a suggested solution

Is the changing generation mix in the NEM requiring it to start making capacity payments?

Some thoughts about Capacity Payments - given the article in the AFR yesterday

Privatising profits whilst socialising costs – part 2 (retail)

Returning to the theme of inconsistencies where we allow for "socialising costs whilst privatising profits" here are some thoughts about the retail space.

Doomsday predictions for security of supply?!

In parallel with the RET Review process, claims and counter claims are mounting about challenges to security of supply, moving forwards. Here are some initial thoughts...

Privatising profits whilst socialising costs – part 1 (wholesale)

Some initial thoughts about some of the areas (in the wholesale market) where there's been finger-pointing in different directions about "socialising costs whilst privatising profits"

How prices will be set, under the new “Demand Response Mechanism”

Some worked examples of how several forms of Demand Response (including the proposed new Demand Response Mechanism) might impact wholesale prices, and participant positions.

Implications for Australia’s NEM of the US Court Decision setting aside FERC Order 745 (about Demand Response)

Some thoughts about the structure of FERC Order 745, and the arguments for & against setting it aside the in the US Court of Appeals - and the relevance for the Australian National Electricity Market

6 enduring challenges for competitive electricity markets

Reflection on whether the core challenges for market operators (and other core stakeholders) have varied at all from the listing of issues compiled for the Association of Power Exchanges back in 1997.

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