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Trend in generation by fuel type

Brief analysis of the trend in production (across the NEM) by fuel type.

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Brief recap on the historical trend in spot prices in the NEM

Some analysis of the way in which prices in the Australian National Electricity Market have trended over time, from as far back as 1994 (in the markets that were precursors to the NEM).

Post written to provide some context to considerations about where prices are headed for the future…

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Miscellaneous Analysis

Posts that don’t fit neatly into any other category.

Historical Distributions in Spot Prices

Colourful distribution of spot prices – for each year of 11.5 years of NEM history.

Clearly see the trend over time.

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Prices see-saw over the full $13,250/MWh price range – but it’s all revised!

A record of how a day of see-sawing prices appeared (in real time) in NEM-Watch

Note that the high prices have since been revised, but the low prices (down to -$1000/MWh) remain, at least for now.

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