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Price Spike in NSW and QLD 26th November 2009

Yesterday afternoon at 2pm NEM time the price in QLD and NSW spiked.  As you can see in this screenshot of NEM-Watch (click for a larger view), the Victoria to NSW interconnector was constrained to 386 MW, which was down from 1029 MW in the 1:55pm dispatch period. This had the effect of driving prices […]

How helpful was NEMMCOs PASA process in predicting the demand spike on 29 January 2009 (part1)?

A quick look at how useful NEMMCO’s PASA forecasts were, prior to the record levels of demand seen across the NEM on Thursday 29th January 2009

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NEM-Wide demand soars, and IRPM drops, on a hot spring day

A few snapshots and quick notes about a very hot spring day in the NEM, with demand soaring, IRPM dropping across the market, and prices at VOLL in NSW

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High temperatures force demand high, NEM-Wide (and prices follow)

A few brief notes about a hot day across the mainland, with demand levels high in each of the 4 mainland regions

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High demand in QLD as heatwave rolls east

A few snapshots of a hot day in QLD and NSW as the spring heatwave rolls east.

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South Australia hits the Cumulative Price Threshold

For only the 5th time in 11 years of NEM history (and the 3rd time for South Australia) four consecutive days of price spikes have forced the Cumulative Price to the Threshold, and AEMO has imposed price caps to prevent retailers from going bust.

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Tight supply-demand balance in SA today!

Some quick notes about high demand and prices in South Australia again today….

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The North Queensland Energy Forum

The North Queensland Energy Forum is an annual conference held in Townsville for the discussion of energy related issues. The forum started off with a welcome dinner and networking event on Monday evening. The food was good and the company interesting. The meat and potatoes of the event arrived on Tuesday where sixteen different speakers presented topics as diverse as nuclear electricity generation to distribution network operations to sugar cane based cogeneration plans.

Prices spike in South Australia today

Some quick notes about another price spike today in the South Australian region of Australia’s National Electricity Market

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Prices race in QLD and NSW as horses race in VIC

Tuesday 3rd November, and the temperatures that had driven prices higher in SA the previous day moved eastwards.

Whilst VIC demand was lower as everyone lost their shirts on a horse, demand climbed in NSW and QLD, dragging prices upwards as well.

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