Monthly Archives: September 2009

So who won the competition – as peak demand forecaster in the NEM for Winter 2009?

A look at who won our competition for winter 2009 – and proved themselves to be the “Best Demand Forecaster in the NEM”!

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Thoughts on a "Diabolical Problem"

A few quick notes about the recent moves in the USA towards a national emissions trading system, and implications for Australia – following a presentation by a US consultant.

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What was the peak NEM-Wide Demand this Winter?

A quick overview of how the daily peak NEM-wide demand trended over winter 2009, in relation to our forecasting competition.

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Highest (real) NEM-Wide Demand this winter – on Thursday 11th June 2009

Some preliminary analysis of what happened on Thursday 11th June 2009 – when the NEM experienced its highest NEM-wide demand this winter.

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