Monthly Archives: December 2006

8th December 2006 - high demand in South Australia

There was a temperature-driven spike in demand in South Australia on Friday 8th December 2006.

However, demand also spiked on other days in the week, and on those occasions did not lead to the price spikes seen on the Friday.

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7th December 2005 - high demand in Queensland and NSW

For several days in early December, temperatures reaching 40 degrees in Queensland and New South Wales cause airconditioning load (and hence total demand) to soar in both regions.

The high demands resulted in very high prices being experienced in both QLD and NSW (and also the SNOWY region). Both VIC and SA were insulated from the high prices because (at least in part) of the fact that transfers over the SNOVIC interconnector were constrained to minimise negative inter-regional surplus

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