The two, SA Government-owned, “Emergency Generators” produce first power whilst commissioning

A quick note this afternoon to flag, using NEMreview v7, that the two emergency generators have started providing first power to the grid, during commissioning:


We expect (we hope!) to see them running very infrequently after commissioning has been completed.

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3 responses to “The two, SA Government-owned, “Emergency Generators” produce first power whilst commissioning”

  1. Russell Petch says:

    Have they fessed up to cost and pool receipts – are they registered participants.?

  2. Geoff Rogers says:

    Does anyone know when the other 7 (or is that 4) units will ne commissioned?

    Somewhere the goalposts seem to have shifted from 9 units down to 6 units.

    At whose instigation?

    From Adelaide Advertiser 2 August 2017
    Mr Weatherill has announced plans to lease, and possibly later buy, nine new turbines which can run off either diesel or gas, and provide the state up to 276MW of energy in times of emergency.

  3. […] retirement of Hazelwood, the SA Government’s Energy Plan (including the Neoen / Tesla battery and acquisition of 276 MW of “emergency” generation currently being commissioned on diesel fuel), AEMO’s recent ESOO outlook publication, actions to procure “demand-side response” or […]

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