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Barcaldine Solar Farm output – and the audacious 50% by 2030 renewables ambition

A quick look at first output of Barcaldine Solar Farm – as a segue into consideration of what we see as an “audacious” 50% by 2030 ambition.

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Alas, no time for a BBQ competition for summer 2016-17

Unfortunately too busy in serving direct customers, so we can’t run the competition for summer 2016-17. You’ll have to wait another year, unfortunately (but still keep an eye on demand as noted in the article).

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Managing Energy Sector Disruption is Like Delivering a Joke’s Punchline… Timing is Everything

One of the most disruptive impacts on Australia’s electricity system over the past decade or so has been the rapid uptake of air conditioners – a consumer driven response to the introduction of inexpensive products from China.

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What’s going on with Victorian electricity demand?

A question, about why Victorian electricity demand seems to be trending lower and lower…

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Forecasting is a Mug’s Game

The three main flaws that put boundaries on the usefulness of all forecasting/modelling

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Energy sector unions throw oil onto fire

Putting another cat amongst the pigeons, energy sector unions at Loy Yang A have announced Industrial Action at the station over Christmas.

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Another day, another “Actual LOR2” Notice for South Australia

Another LOR2 Market Notice issued for South Australia

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AEMO notes low reserve conditions for SA (this summer and next) and in Victoria (next summer)

After an AEMO notice of Low Reserve Condition this summer and next in the south, I had a quick look…

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South Australia islanded from the eastern part of the NEM overnight

South Australia was electrically islanded from the eastern part of the NEM for a number of hours overnight. Here’s a quick (early morning) look at some of what happened.

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