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Wind speeds and the Blackout of South Australia

Wind speeds up during the blackout of September 28th in South Australia

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First shot at trying to understand what went on, leading to the SA blackout of Wednesday 28th September

First attempt to try to piece together events leading up to the blackout in South Australia on Wed 28th September 2016

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AEMO announces “Black System” across South Australia at 16:24 on Wednesday 28th September

Power’s out across South Australia on the afternoon of Wednesday 28th September

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Statewide blackout in South Australia on 28th September 2016

A collection of articles progressively written about the blackout across South Australia on 28th September 2016

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About the looming (potential) closure of Hazelwood power station

Some initial thoughts following articles about the mooted closure of Hazelwood Power Station as early as April 2017.

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Spring 2016 in the NEM

Articles about Spring in the NEM – September, October, November 2016

Infigen Energy suffering from “wind correlation penalty” in South Australian wind farms

Some thoughts about the possible uplift to Infigen Energy revenues, stemming from higher forward contract prices in the South Australian region of the NEM

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