Spring 2015 in the NEM

A collection of articles, as we post them, about what’s been happening through spring 2015 in the NEM



Hot weather pushes NEM-wide demand higher than the peak for summer 2014-15 (and we’re not even in summer yet…)

It's not even summer yet and we've already exceeded the high point of summer 2014-15 with the current hot weather...

It wasn’t the horse race that led the large drop in load in NSW coincident with the race

Responding to comments in social media about how "the race that stops the nation" might have contributed to a drop in demand in NSW

Yin and Yang of Wind in the South Australian region of the National Electricity Market

A sped-up animation covering spanning a September 2015 weekend in the South Australian region of the NEM, illustrating both sides of the wind farm output coin.

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