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Considerable spillage, in the high intermittency “10x” scenario

Continuing our analysis of these hypothetical future scenarios to understand the shape of “unserved energy” and hence the potential contribution of Demand Response – today I post about energy spilled in a future with high intermittent generation supply.

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What would “demand” look like, in a “10x” intermittent scenario

Laying out the framework for the analysis I’m doing for my presentation at All Energy 2015 – about the role Demand Response might play in a future market dominated by intermittent generation

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Spring 2015 in the NEM

A collection of articles, as we post them, about what’s been happening through spring 2015 in the NEM

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Yin and Yang of Wind in the South Australian region of the National Electricity Market

A sped-up animation covering spanning a September 2015 weekend in the South Australian region of the NEM, illustrating both sides of the wind farm output coin.

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