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Know of a talented young electricity-sector engineer (a future international Cornwall scholar)?

The University of Queensland has called for applicants for the next round of the E.S.Cornwall Memorial scholarship (closes Friday 31st July).

A great opportunity for a young engineer to gain international experience at this time of change.

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The RET Joyride

Yesterday evening the revised RET legislation passed the upper house. Today guest author (Miles Prosser) provides recollections of the twists and turns in the policy landscape of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target over the course of the past 10 years.

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Northern Power Station becomes the next domino to fall

Following today’s announcement of the closure of Alinta’s Northern Power Station in South Australia

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Even the liquid-fuelled plant get a run in SA this evening with Northern offline, demand higher, and wind waning

Some quick notes Tuesday evening about liquid-fuelled peaking generators getting a run in a South Australian region that’s missing Northern station (amongst other factors)

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The Nyngan Solar Plant reaches full output

A quick look at how the Nyngan solar plant stepped up its output over the weekend, reaching full load.

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Is the real issue related to 5 minute dispatch and 30 minute settlement?

Some thoughts from another guest author, Greg Denton, about the current rule change proposal “Bidding in Good Faith” being assessed by the AEMC.

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Winter 2015 in the NEM

Collecting together posts about winter 2015

Early winter chills power Tassie demand

A quick look at how the early winter chills are driving demand in Tasmania to levels not seen for 4 years

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