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Metered Generation data feed for Royalla Solar commences (6 months after plant opening)

Royalla solar farm (opened 6 months ago) now has metered generation data published by AEMO – here’s the first view.

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Winning the final consolation prize (Comp #2) for peak Queensland demand

Wrapping up the competitions for summer 2014-15, we announce the winner for peak Queensland demand.

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Queensland’s peak demand very close to a new record – more possible next summer?

Completing our walk-around-the-NEM, today we look at peak demand in Queensland over summer 2014-15

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Winning a consolation prize (Comp #7) for peak Wind Production

Continuing with our series of competitions today, we assembled the entries to see who was closest to the mark in predicting peak wind output over summer 2014-15, and so who wins this portable barbeque: This was Competition #7, and earlier today I posted this analysis of what happened with wind output as it’s grown in […]

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Wind Peak Production climbs – linearly over 5 successive summers

Continuing the theme of investigating peak metrics over summer 2014-15, today we look at peak wind output (aggregate across the NEM).

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A review of temperatures for summer 2014-15

One of our guest authors, a meteorologist, lends his expertise to helping us understand one of the reasons why peak demand for summer 2014-15 was what it was.

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Winning a consolation prize (Comp #6) for Tasmanian peak demand

Who wins a consolation prize today, being closest to the flag in forecasting peak Tassie demand?

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Tassie’s “summer” demand peak comes with cold weather?

Today we have a look at what mark Tasmania reached with peak demand over “extended summer” 2014-15

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Winning a consolation prize (Comp #3) for NSW peak demand

So the winner for “best NSW peak demand forecaster” for summer 2014-15 is…

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Similarly, the NSW summer demand peak failed to arrive

Continuing the theme started last week, today we look at what the peak NEM-wide demand was for “extended summer” 2014-15.

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