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Peak summer demand in Tasmania has been consistent (but AEMO’s forecasts vary)

A few quick pointers (on New Year’s Eve) about where peak demand might land this summer in Tasmania – so you have a chance at winning Competition #6

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About Snowy’s purchase of the Colongra peaker

Some thoughts following the purchase of the Colongra peaking plant in the dying days of 2014.

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Weather will play a key role in peak demand in SA this summer

A few pointers about where the peak South Australian demand might land this summer (relevant to our competition, and also for some very real considerations about the ongoing evolution of the NEM)

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Will Queensland defy the trend of declining demand?

Spurred on by our competition (but with an interest that’s much broader) we have a look at how Queensland demand has trended – and find a couple of quite remarkable things occurring…

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How you might use our software

A topic containing articles, as we post them, about how to use our software – using real live examples.

Using NEM-Watch to forecast QLD Peak Demand this summer

Some tips about how you can use NEM-Watch v9 to narrow down your entry to Competition #2 this summer (peak QLD Regional Scheduled Dispatch Demand Target for extended summer period)

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Trends in wind output (tips to help you make your entry)

A quick look at how aggregate wind farm output has trended, over the history of the NEM

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Can you sizzle like the pros – by calculating one of these metrics for summer in the NEM?

Our popular competition returns, with some added spice as a thank-you to clients who have supported us in our 15 years of operation.

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Recapping operations at Torrens Island – as another one bites the dust (at least temporarily*)

Some quick thoughts about the mothballing of Torrens Island A station

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