Summer 2014-15 in the NEM

Articles relating to events occurring through summer 2014-15



Queensland’s peak demand very close to a new record – more possible next summer?

Completing our walk-around-the-NEM, today we look at peak demand in Queensland over summer 2014-15

Wind Peak Production climbs – linearly over 5 successive summers

Continuing the theme of investigating peak metrics over summer 2014-15, today we look at peak wind output (aggregate across the NEM).

A review of temperatures for summer 2014-15

One of our guest authors, a meteorologist, lends his expertise to helping us understand one of the reasons why peak demand for summer 2014-15 was what it was.

Tassie’s “summer” demand peak comes with cold weather?

Today we have a look at what mark Tasmania reached with peak demand over "extended summer" 2014-15

Similarly, the NSW summer demand peak failed to arrive

Continuing the theme started last week, today we look at what the peak NEM-wide demand was for "extended summer" 2014-15.

South Australian peak demand this summer was a fizzer

Continuing our walk around the NEM, today we analyse what happened with South Australian electricity demand over the extended summer period 2014-15 - with a particular focus on peak demand

Victorian peak demand lower by 1,600MW

Following our assessment of NEM-wide demand this summer, we turn our attention to Victoria today to see how similar the story is for that region in particular.

Peak NEM-wide demand this summer – the lowest in more than 10 years!

Some analysis of what happened with NEM-wide demand this summer

Where’s the increased output we expected to see with new wind farms?

What's summer shown us so far, in terms of where peak wind output has landed (and why are we surprised).

Significant trip of Tasmanian demand this morning

A massive (60%) instantaneous reduction in Tassie's electricity demand in the early hours of this morning caught our attention.

Forecasting NSW peak demand is not as easy as it might initially seem – is there a better way?

What do the forecasts received for peak NSW demand this summer tell us about the various debates currently underway in terms of network regulation and industry transformation?

Victorian demand comes back to life as the crowds gather for the tennis

Notice of a "Critical Peak Demand Day" for Victoria tomorrow draws our attention down south to see what the forecast is showing.

Gas price turn-around signals generation change

Some analysis of gas-fired generation in Queensland, with the first LNG exports steaming away from port.

Recapping prior peaks in NEM-wide demand

With only 4 days remaining (till Fri 9th Jan) here's some tips about what the peak NEM-wide demand might be this summer, to help you submit your forecast before the deadline.

Analysing trends in VIC electricity demand

Some analysis of how demand in Victoria has trended over 16 years - at least in part to help competition entrants provide their forecasts of what they think the peak Victorian regional demand will be for summer 2014-15

About Snowy’s purchase of the Colongra peaker

Some thoughts following the purchase of the Colongra peaking plant in the dying days of 2014.

Weather will play a key role in peak demand in SA this summer

A few pointers about where the peak South Australian demand might land this summer (relevant to our competition, and also for some very real considerations about the ongoing evolution of the NEM)

Will Queensland defy the trend of declining demand?

Spurred on by our competition (but with an interest that's much broader) we have a look at how Queensland demand has trended - and find a couple of quite remarkable things occurring...

Recapping operations at Torrens Island – as another one bites the dust (at least temporarily*)

Some quick thoughts about the mothballing of Torrens Island A station

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