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Privatising profits whilst socialising costs – part 2 (retail)

Returning to the theme of inconsistencies where we allow for “socialising costs whilst privatising profits” here are some thoughts about the retail space.

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Summer 2014-15 in the NEM

Articles relating to events occurring through summer 2014-15

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Heatwave to drive QLD Sunday evening demand to a record?

AEMO’s forecast showing Sunday evening’s electricity demand for Queensland could reach a new record with the 40 degree temperatures in South-East Queensland.

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An almost weekly reminder of the challenge the NEM faces

There are cycles in wind production in the NEM, and there are cycles in social media about the benefits and disbenefits of renewables.

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Another one down – Redbank bites the dust

Brief notes about Redbank station closure

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Today’s electricity demand with the 2014 Melbourne Cup

A follow-on look at today

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Electricity demand largely chugs along – whilst “the race stops the nation”

A quick look at what a four-legged horse race does to electricity demand

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