Monthly Archives: September 2014

Electricity spot prices crushed from all sides

Low prices today in South Australia and Queensland for various reasons – but summed up by a large oversupply of capacity

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Spring 2014 in the NEM

Posts pertaining to events we see occurring through spring 2014

A 60% Instantaneous Reserve Plant Margin – even with plant out for maintenance

A massive overhang of capacity seen today – leading to price suppression

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Doomsday predictions for security of supply?!

In parallel with the RET Review process, claims and counter claims are mounting about challenges to security of supply, moving forwards. Here are some initial thoughts…

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Incumbent Retailers under siege on both sides

Several things we’ve noticed about what’s been changing in the electricity retail landscape in Australia’s electricity markets.

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Who are the biggest carbon emitters, in the National Electricity Market?

Some analysis of carbon emissions for large generation portfolios in the NEM, and comparison with prior post about wind production levels.

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