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Windy week blows in change in Canberra

With the repeal of the carbon tax looking more likely, and July 1st only just around the corner, someone asked today if we could calculate what the spot price might be without carbon.

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Strong winds cool wholesale market pricing

Several windy days raises wind farm outputs to the maximum which (along with other factors) suppress the spot market price

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How prices will be set, under the new “Demand Response Mechanism”

Some worked examples of how several forms of Demand Response (including the proposed new Demand Response Mechanism) might impact wholesale prices, and participant positions.

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A blue day in Queensland

Hopefully not an omen of what is to come tomorrow night…

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Implications for Australia’s NEM of the US Court Decision setting aside FERC Order 745 (about Demand Response)

Some thoughts about the structure of FERC Order 745, and the arguments for & against setting it aside the in the US Court of Appeals – and the relevance for the Australian National Electricity Market

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Full Disclosure 4 – Demand Response

We play an active role in facilitating the Demand Response of large energy users, such that they can assist in making the electricity market more efficient.

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