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Tropical Cyclone Dylan seems to have reduced demand in the “Northern” zone by about 50MW

A quick look at how much electricity demand has been reduced in the north, coincident with Tropical Cyclone Dylan

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A hot, but windy, day in the south presents less challenge to the supply/demand balance

A quick look at how Victoria and South Australia fared on Tuesday 28th, given the predictions of a return to hot weather at a time when schools and businesses are back to work.

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Reviewing the contribution of gas, in South Australia’s heatwave last week

Following the heatwave last week, a review of the symbiotic nature of the link between the gas and electricity markets in the gas-hungry state of South Australia

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Hot weather drives QLD demand higher – though well short of the record

As Queensland heats up, the Queensland electricity demand increases towards the Red Zone

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Third bout of heat to hit Victoria and South Australia next week

A warning of a third round of high temperatures triggers a look at the demand forecast for next week in Victoria and South Australia

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Queensland warms, but demand is yet to awaken

The hot weather passes into Queensland but, as yet, nothing has happened – nor is it really forecast.

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Demand Response also helps Victoria and South Australia beat the heat-induced peak

As the temperature cools (but the debate heats up) here’s a quick look of how much contribution there was from demand response over the past week.

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Third consecutive day of extreme demand in Victoria and South Australia with the heatwave

For the third day in a row, high temperatures drive demand higher – inching closer to a new all-time record for Victoria.

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Close to a new record demand in Victoria today (Wed 15th), but no cigar

Recapping where the peak demand actually landed today, with the heatwave across southern Australia.

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Heatwave threatens to melt Victorian all-time electricity demand record today – with Reserve Trader getting a run

An early review of what’s been happening today (Wednesday 15th January) with the heatwave in Victoria and South Australia

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