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We are on track to meet the STC target so why hasn’t the Clearing House worked?

Some observations about where the market for STCs seems headed, following my presentation at All Energy earlier in October.

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Electric Vehicles–some back of the envelope calculations

Some back-of-the-envelope calculations about what electric vehicles might mean for the National Electricity Market, following on from my presentation at the EUAA Annual Conference

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Is solar PV providing more opportunity for spot price engineering?

Some initial analysis looking into the question of whether the increased penetration of solar PV is increasing the variability of scheduled demand to the point that generators can exert more pressure on spot prices.

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Price volatility returns to the Queensland region

A quick look at some more volatility experienced in the Queensland region on Wednesday 23rd October

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Two evening price spikes send jitters …

The dispatch price in Queensland spiked to $1,500/MWh at 18:25 and again at 22:40 yesterday evening – triggering jitters in some who fear a return to the volatility of summer 2013.

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Is Mortlake bucking the trend?

A quick look at the long-run trend in output at Origin Energy’s large Mortlake plant in western Victoria.

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CORRECTION – Tamar Valley is not mothballed, just bid unavailable

A correction about Tamar Valley’s drop in production – and some further thoughts.

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Another station down – to what extent due to local factors?

Despite consistently averaging monthly output of up to 200MW for a number of years, the Tamar Valley power station has been mothballed following an ownership change

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Updated animation of 20th December 2012 – a volatile day in the Queensland Region

An updated animation of 20th December 2012 focused on the Queensland region – a volatile day for that region.

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Sydney swelters on Thursday, but demand remains in the doldrums

Despite some high temperatures around Sydney today, electricity demand remained subdued.

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