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What’s caused the drop in brown coal production?

Prompted by a reader’s question, we provide some further analysis into which brown coal plants have been declining output in recent times, and why this might be the case.

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Price spikes in SA at 23:35 with the switch-in of off-peak hot water

A price spike late at night in South Australia, not long after posting other comments about low surplus generation capacity.

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SA prices rise as Surplus Capacity drops to levels not seen since 2004

Spot prices in South Australia have been seen to be higher in the month of April than in the prior months, which is somewhat counter-intuitive. Prices also spiked this evening on a number of occasions above $500/MWh – here’s some of the reasons why.

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Animated illustration of Queensland Region volatility on 20th December 2012

Here’s an animated view of how price volatility emerged in the Queensland region of the National Electricity Market emerged on 20th December 2012 – and the range of factors that contributed.

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Macarthur Wind Farm opened today – but the wind did not show up for the opening

The Macarthur Wind Farm opening was officially opened today, but the wind did not make an appearance.

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