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Highest electricity demand for Victoria in four years last Tuesday (12th March) – and 400MW of DSR operates

Following some tweets from the esaa mentioning how the demand in Victoria on Tuesday 12th March was the highest seen for four years, we had a look back through our records on the day.

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… and so the winners are…

Recapping who’s won the Beefmaster Premium BBQ (and 5 other prizes as well) as the “Best Demand Forecasters in the NEM” for summer 2012-13

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Recapping NEM-wide demand for summer 2012-13

A view of how NEM-wide demand trended over summer, with respect to our Best Demand Forecaster in the NEM competition.

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Do you know of someone who could be our Energy Market Analyst (initially short-term contract)?

WattClarity is one way we strive to help people make better decisions – by making the energy market clearer, and more understandable.

Do you know of someone who can help us to expand the scope of what we do in this space? Here’s details of the person we’re looking for…

Long-term trend shows coal being crunched

A chart and a table presented today at FutureGAS highlighting how the dominance of coal in power generation across the NEM is starting to shift.

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Autumn 2013 in the NEM

After an eventful summer 2012-13 in the NEM, where we saw a heatwave early in the season lead into flooding rains (again) – and a new “Best Demand Forecaster” crowned, we progressed into what would normally be the less eventful autumn period.

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Millmerran station trip drives prices sky high

At 23:05 on Saturday 9th March AEMO advised that the Millmerran power station units 1 and 2 tripped simultaneously at 22:07 (58 minutes prior) – for reasons still unknown.

Here’s how we saw it unfold at real time.

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A late burst to summer in the south drives demand higher

Some high temperatures in Victoria and South Australia drive demand higher and, because of transmission constraints, the IRPM in the Economic Island lower.

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