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Scorching Sydney drives demand today into the red zone

A record of the extreme temperatures across NSW today, driving demand in NSW up towards the all-time electricity demand record set 23 months ago.

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Some factors that contributed to the remarkable volatility in Queensland over the weekend

A starting list of a number of factors that combined to deliver sustained higher wholesale electricity prices in the Queensland region across the weekend of Saturday 12th January and Sunday 13th January 2013.

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NEM-wide demand races past 31,500MW today

A record of the highest NEM-wide demand so far during summer 2012-13. A useful reference, for all of those who entered our “Best Demand Forecaster in the NEM” competition this time, and for those who sat on the sidelines.

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How extraordinary have Queensland’s recent electricity pricing patterns been?

After watching electricity spot prices in Queensland remain stubbornly high over the weekend, we invested some time today to assess the extent to which these price patterns had ever been seen before – in the 15 years of NEM history.

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Demand (and price) remain stubbornly high in Queensland over the weekend

An extra-ordinary weekend in Queensland, where the mercury stays up and so does electricity demand and (as a result, plus with some help from other factors) so does price.

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NEM-Wide demand peaked above 31,000MW on Friday

A record of a hot day that drove NEM-Wide demand to the highest level it has achieved (thus far) this summer. See this in context of historical maximum levels.

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Queensland’s turn to sweat today, but NEM-wide demand plummets

A snapshot of a day of contrast – with high demand in Queensland (temperature driven) and extraordinarily low demand in the south.

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Not even 41 degrees in Sydney today can drive demand close to a new record

The mercury in Sydney topped the 40 degree mark today, but demand did not climb to the heights it achieved when it set the record 2 summers ago.

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A stinker today in the south – but demand barely wakes from the holiday slumber (and yet prices explode!)

A preliminary look at a number of events that happened today, leading to prices spiking to the Market Price Cap in a number of regions, Demand Side Response being very active, and trading desks being very busy.

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Following the weather warning, what’s the demand outlook in the south?

With a severe weather warning issued for much of Australia (with Sydney and Brisbane almost being the only exceptions) and lasting several days, it’s timely to look at what AEMO is forecasting demand to be in the week ahead.

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