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A more detailed look at how demand has trended over 15 summers in the NEM

A longer-term look at how summer (peak and average) demand has trended over the 15 years of NEM history to date.

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A remarkable(?) Christmas Day load shape

A brief look at the demand shape on Christmas Day 2012, and how this compares to prior years.

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Celebrate a summer Christmas with us–with your own new Beefmaster Premium 6 BBQ!

Here’s our regular, annual and popular call-to-calculators for all those who’ve drawn the short straw and have to work on through the Christmas -to- New Year this summer season. Turn the tables on those off enjoying some summer sun, or skiing way up north by getting your entry in – with a chance to be anointed “Best Demand Forecaster in the NEM” and celebrate with your own new BBQ (or some other new prizes).

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To what extent is Wind reducing spot prices in South Australia?

Some starting thoughts, about the extent to which increased wind farm output has been responsible in the drop in spot prices in South Australia from the high levels seen in 2008.

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Electricity demand creeps higher in Queensland, on the back of hot weather

A record of a higher demand day in Queensland today

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Prices see-saw across the (mainland) NEM today

An interesting day in the NEM today, with prices gyrating across a wide spectrum, and across all four mainland regions – on the back of higher demand in Victoria and South Australia due to temperatures there, and supported by transmission issues and other factors.

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An illustration of the nature of dynamic wholesale electricity prices in Queensland today

Three images from NEM-Watch highlighting extremes of pricing in the Queensland region of the National Electricity Market today – illustrating the volatility, and hence the opportunities for Demand Side Response.

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A stinker today in southern Queensland, leading to high demand and prices on the tipping point

A brief look, during the day, of the effect that the Queensland heat wave is having on electricity demand within the state – and further across the NEM. It was a day of marked contrast in demand patterns in the north and the south.

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