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How has the Carbon Tax influenced Hydro Generation levels?

A brief look at the significant increase in output from hydro plant coincident with (and slightly preceding) the introduction of the Carbon Tax

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About Wind Diversity

A quick look at the extent to which wind supplies (across all wind turbines in the NEM) are diverse enough for supplies to have a degree of dependability.

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Yallourn is limping back into service

Following some questions yesterday (from clients and others) we take a quick look at how Yallourn Power Station is progressing in coming back from outage caused by inundation from the nearby river.

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3 Questions we’ve been asked, following the introduction of the Carbon Tax

The range of questions we’ve been asked over the course of the past 2 weeks (since the introduction of the Carbon Tax) seem to resolve to these 3 key questions.

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One week into the Carbon Tax – how have emissions changed?

Now that we’re through the first week of Australia’s new Carbon Tax, we thought it would be of interest to have a look at whether there has been any significant change in dispatch patterns across the NEM as a result. We acknowledge that it’s really too early to make any significant observations about the merits […]

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A very volatile day in VIC and SA (not particularly due to the Carbon Tax)

Some quick notes today, on day #2 of the Carbon Tax, prompted by some prices that jumped all around the place (not so much due to carbon, though).

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First day under the carbon tax – how have spot prices changed?

It’s the first day under the new Carbon Tax regime, so worthwhile to have a quick look at early indications of how spot prices have changed in the NEM.

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