Winter 2012 in the NEM

An assortment of articles covering events happening during Winter 2012



The 871-855 constraint returns

A snapshot of an instance of the Queensland regional constraint, which has returned after an absence over the autumn months.

How has the Carbon Tax influenced Hydro Generation levels?

A brief look at the significant increase in output from hydro plant coincident with (and slightly preceding) the introduction of the Carbon Tax

Yallourn is limping back into service

Following some questions yesterday (from clients and others) we take a quick look at how Yallourn Power Station is progressing in coming back from outage caused by inundation from the nearby river.

3 Questions we’ve been asked, following the introduction of the Carbon Tax

The range of questions we've been asked over the course of the past 2 weeks (since the introduction of the Carbon Tax) seem to resolve to these 3 key questions.

A very volatile day in VIC and SA (not particularly due to the Carbon Tax)

Some quick notes today, on day #2 of the Carbon Tax, prompted by some prices that jumped all around the place (not so much due to carbon, though).

First day under the carbon tax – how have spot prices changed?

It's the first day under the new Carbon Tax regime, so worthwhile to have a quick look at early indications of how spot prices have changed in the NEM.

Flooded Yallourn turns Victoria to an importer

Some brief analysis of the floods at Yallourn Power Station.

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