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Background to Winter 2010 in the NEM

Inspired by the price spike experienced this evening, I have spent a little time to put together the background to winters in the NEM.

This will be useful in understanding the context of any other events that occur this winter, and are analysed on WattClarity.

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Winter 2010 in the NEM

Various articles about Winter 2010 in the NEM

Cold snap brings price spike in NSW

A price spike close to the Market Price Cap in NSW this evening provides an spur to do some quick analysis.

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Escalating Capital Requirements

Some notes (which will be updated later) about capital requirements for the Australian Electricity Supply Industry

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My synopsis of Opportunities & Threats for Energy Users

A high-level summary of some concerns of energy users, linked to a (progressively) growing number of more detailed posts that will be added over time.

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Concerns of Energy Users

Here’s a growing collection of articles we’re putting together with respect to the concerns of energy users. These articles are informed by interaction with a wide range of large commercial and industrial (C&I) energy users in a variety of different settings: 1) ¬†One-on-one interactions with our clients and others in their offices or industrial facilities; […]

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