Personal experiences with Distributed Energy Resources

A topic to collect articles about personal experiences with distributed energy resources


Some initial musings about my own Rooftop Solar Learning Exercise

There's already been a large uptake of distributed energy generation data, and there promises to be much more to come in this energy transition. With this comes some significant challenges - along with opportunities (with respect to the electricity production itself, and also in terms of the data that's produced). So in the interest of doing things better, here’s a detailed look at our own rooftop solar experiences at home.

A personal experience of spot-price paid solar injections

The recent demise of start-up retailer, Urth Energy (suspended from the market by the AEMO on 1st February) was an unfortunate development on this path of the energy transition.

Full Disclosure 3 - a beneficiary of QLD's 44c solar Feed-in-Tariff

Paul McArdle is one of approximately 400,000 beneficiaries of the Queensland Government's 44c feed-in-tariff.

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