Summer 2009-10 in the NEM

Some articles about the way summer 2009-10 unfolds



Demand Side Response in NSW on 4th February

On the 4th of February at around 11am energy users in NSW appear to have curtailed their load in response to high prices, resulting in a significant drop in demand. Simultaneously, network conditions and generator rebidding caused the NSW pool price to jump back and forth between extreme prices close to VOLL ($10,000/MWh) and the Market Floor Price (-$1,000/MWh).

Investigation of Negative Prices in Tasmania on 2nd & 3rd February

On the 2nd and 3rd of February this year prices spiked in South Australia and Victoria in the afternoon. Coinciding with these spikes, the Tasmania pool price went negative, close to the Market Floor Price (-$1000/MWh). In this article we take a look at the effects and possible causes of the negative prices.

VOLL (or MPC) in NSW today as high temperatures stretch supplies

A graphical summary of a day when temperatures soared in NSW, dragging demand higher and (with the assistance of a relative shortage of supplies) also dragging prices to VOLL

VOLL and Lack Of Reserve 2 in SA and High Prices in VIC

More high temperatures in South Australia and Victoria this afternoon have driven the demand and the spot price high.

Playback of high prices in SA and VIC

Prices in South Australia and Victoria have been high this afternoon, jumping up over $2000 in both states at 3pm NEM-time today.

Suspected Generator Trip forces prices close to MPC in QLD

Some quick notes about a price spike in QLD today.

New record electricity demand in Queensland today (Monday 18th)

Some pictorial records of a day when a new record demand was set in Queensland.

Ouch – VOLL in SA, close to midnight!

A snapshot of a price spike in SA late at night.

Hot weather moves north-eastwards, driving demand in NSW

A snapshot of a higher demand day in NSW, driven by higher temperatures as they move eastwards

Heatwave ramps up in southern Australia, dragging prices higher

Some notes about the heatwave in SA and VIC, and what it means for the NEM

Temperature Spikes drive Demand higher this week

Some quick notes on what's happened in the NEM today (17th) and yesterday (16th)

High temperatures in QLD yesterday drag demand close to all-time-maximum

A record of high demand in the QLD region on Thursday 10th December 2009

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