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Weekly summary of events in Summer 2006-2007

We compiled a week-by-week summary of interesting events that occurred in the NEM – from 19th November 2006 through until 16th January 2007 (the day of the blackout).

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Our initial review of the blackout on Tuesday, 16th January 2007

Our first review, linked here, was prepared the night of the blackout itself, and provides a chronological history of events, as seen through the NEM-Watchâ„¢ application.

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Nous Report, into blackout of 16th January 2007

Note about the NOUS Group report on the blackout in Victoria of 16th January 2007

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16th January 2007 - Bushfires and Victoria's blackout

Victoria experiences a large blackout in the afternoon and evening of 16 January 2007, when bush fires cause three main transmission lines to trip. This created chaos throughout much of Melbourne, and represented perhaps the most significant stress the NEM had experienced since its inception on 13th December 1998.

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11th January 2007 - first spike in demand above 30,000MW

There was a temperature-driven spike in demand across the NEM later in the week beginning Sunday 7th January – culminating in the summer’s first demand peak above 30,000MW (on Thursday 11th January).

On this occasion, the spot price spiked above $1000/MWh in Queensland, NSW, Snowy and Victoria,

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