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30th December 2005 - huge NEM-wide demand on a holiday!

In a week which is traditionally very subdued in the market, the NEM sweltered in temperatures in excess of 40 degrees and an exceptional NEM-wide demand (about 30,000MW) was recorded.

What made this demand peak more remarkable was that this occurred on a day when, traditionally, a large amount of commercial and industrial load would have been offline for the Christmas & New Year holiday.

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2nd February 2006 - NEMMCO's forecast from 17th January

This article was written prior to 2nd February and drew from the insights gained with our NEMforecastTM product to highlight the looming issue of the tight supply/demand balance forecast for 2nd February 2006.

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3rd January 2006 - Outages force QLD price to VOLL

The week started with commotion in Queensland, when the VOLL price ceiling was reached.

Further analysis revealed that this was due to transmission system events and the trip of several generation units within Queensland.

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