Brown coal generation ceases in South Australia with the closure of Northern Power Station

A quick post to mark the end of brown-coal fired generation in South Australia, with the closure of Northern Power Station

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Quick wrap of the winners of our “best forecaster in the NEM” competition for extended summer 2015-16

Announcing the winners of our 7 related competitions for “best forecaster in the NEM” summer 2015-16

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Comparison of spot (i.e. physical) and contract (i.e. financial) for calendar 2015

Over on our Demand-Response focused site, I posted an article yesterday providing a high-level comparison between contract prices for calendar 2015 and final spot prices (for the 4 mainland regions). This was in response to questions from a particular energy user.

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What happens when energy is free?

One scenario holds that the price of energy supply might drop to the point where it is effectively free. Here’s some of what we’re thinking about…

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Victoria's demand response opportunities analysed

Our Guest Author, Mike Williams, has posted his final piece of an initial series of articles about the opportunities for end users in the mainland regions of the National Electricity Market.

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Diesel gensets start popping up across Tasmania

The first of the diesel gensets startup in Tasmania, and make their way into the data feed.

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Pool Pass-through and DSM Opportunity and Risks in New South Wales

Mike Williams, our guest author, has returned to post some more analysis on the specifically-focused demand response site about the opportunity and risks with pool price pass-through strategy and DSM in New South Wales.

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Some thoughts on the shaky state of Tassie electricity supply

Recapping what I’ve learnt (and highlighting some of the things I have yet to learn) about the electricity supply crisis currently facing Tasmania

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How small-scale solar PV is helping to moderate peak demand

Quick notes about how solar PV is helping to moderate peak demand (but some considerations relating to using rules of thumb about its effect).

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Assessing the opportunity for Demand Response in Queensland

Our guest author, Mike Williams, has posted some analysis (over on the specially-focused Demand Response site) looking at the benefits of spot exposure and Demand Response in Queensland

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