AEMO notes low reserve conditions for SA (this summer and next) and in Victoria (next summer)

After an AEMO notice of Low Reserve Condition this summer and next in the south, I had a quick look…

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South Australia islanded from the eastern part of the NEM overnight

South Australia was electrically islanded from the eastern part of the NEM for a number of hours overnight. Here’s a quick (early morning) look at some of what happened.

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So early in summer, will Queensland set a new record for peak demand?

Head’s up for what might be a new record maximum electricity demand on Friday – so early in summer…

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A big disconnect between words and actions?

Can you help me understand this apparent (and large) disconnect between words and actions in the GreenPower space?

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Hazelwood closure announcement reflected in MT PASA capacity forecasts

Engie’s announced closure of Hazelwood reflected as a big step change reduction in available capacity in Victoria at the end of March 2017.

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What would price impacts be, if Hazelwood were to close in March 2017 as rumoured?

In reality, it’s impossible to “know” what the price outcomes would be when Hazelwood closes. Here’s some reasons why…

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Nous Report, into blackout of 16th January 2007

Note about the NOUS Group report on the blackout in Victoria of 16th January 2007

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The new energy ecosystem

Simon Vardy spoke at Clean Energy Summit in July 2016. We invited him to post on WattClarity given the context of discussions on the day.

Transformation in the electricity industry is occurring at an astounding rate. What’s more, it’s happening globally and Australia is pretty much ground zero. As a result, a new energy ecosystem is emerging. Accenture has recently released three reports which cover different aspects of this new ecosystem. These are the ‘New Energy Consumer’ report, ‘Digitally Enabled Grid’ report and the combined report for the ENA and CSIRO titled ‘Insights from Global Jurisdictions and Evolving Business Models’.

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Wind speeds and the Blackout of South Australia

Wind speeds up during the blackout of September 28th in South Australia

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First shot at trying to understand what went on, leading to the SA blackout of Wednesday 28th September

First attempt to try to piece together events leading up to the blackout in South Australia on Wed 28th September 2016

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