QLD’s Cumulative Price over half way to the Cumulative Price Threshold after a “sizzling Saturday”

Volatility in Queensland on a sizzling Saturday drives the Cumulative Price more than half-way to the Cumulative Price Threshold (where price caps would be imposed).

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… meanwhile, down at Loy Yang A…

A few quick notes about this week’s developments at Loy Yang A power station

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Queensland demand peaks even higher on Friday – and Reserve Plant Margin is tight

Queensland Scheduled Demand on Friday 13th January peaked even higher than on Thursday 12th January, and only 70MW below the all-time record

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Queensland electricity demand surpasses 9000MW in heatwave

Hot weather drives Queensland demand higher than 9,000MW for the first time this summer – even with many people still out on holidays…

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Hot weather in NSW drives demand higher

Demand rose in NSW today off the back of some hot weather

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Victorian “Scheduled Demand” plunges to its lowest ever* level – early on Monday 2nd January

Victoria saw what seems to be the lowest ever* level of electricity demand early on Monday 2nd January 2017

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SA electricity demand at New Year’s exhibiting the “Duck Curve” affliction

New Years Eve and New Years Day have provided 2 excellent examples of the “Duck Curve” in South Australia

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Barcaldine Solar Farm output – and the audacious 50% by 2030 renewables ambition

A quick look at first output of Barcaldine Solar Farm – as a segue into consideration of what we see as an “audacious” 50% by 2030 ambition.

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Alas, no time for a BBQ competition for summer 2016-17

Unfortunately too busy in serving direct customers, so we can’t run the competition for summer 2016-17. You’ll have to wait another year, unfortunately (but still keep an eye on demand as noted in the article).

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Managing Energy Sector Disruption is Like Delivering a Joke’s Punchline… Timing is Everything

One of the most disruptive impacts on Australia’s electricity system over the past decade or so has been the rapid uptake of air conditioners – a consumer driven response to the introduction of inexpensive products from China.

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