A case study in Active Management at a Semi-Scheduled plant – Tuesday 24th July 2018 at Lake Bonney 2 Wind Farm

A detailed look at two specific trading periods in the day (Tuesday 24th July 2018) that saw negative dispatch prices occur at the start of trading periods – hence provided a case study for how existing Semi-Scheduled plant respond (especially in combination with transmission constraints and the Semi-Dispatch Cap).

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Further analysis of the (very rare) double-islanding events of Saturday 25th August 2018

The multi-region islanding event on Saturday 25th August was a very rare event – perhaps the only one’s that occurred in the history of the NEM. It has generated plenty of questions – and driven our analysis further. We share some more observations here, and keenly await the draft AEMO report.

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My recent presentation: "Power system control or market control of a power system"

Guest presenter, Kate Summers, spoke at UoM Climate and Energy College on 15th August 2018, with the presentation recorded. Kate shares this today with WattClarity readers.

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Taking a look at Saturday’s Islanding Event through 4 second SCADA data

Following on from Saturday’s islanding event, we use our current interest in AEMO’s 4-second SCADA data to prove a little more…

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Both QLD and SA islanded from the rest of the NEM on Saturday 25th August 2018

Both the QNI and the Heywood interconnectors tripped around the same time on Saturday 25th August 2018 (not apparent at this time which one was first, and why), leading to both QLD and SA regions being separately islanded from the rest of the mainland NEM. This also contributed to over 1,000MW of load shedding in NSW and VIC, and presumably some frequency excursions in QLD and SA.

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Confirmation of yesterday’s supposition that some wind farms are blinking in the face of negative prices

A brief follow on from yesterday’s post, with the advantage of being able to review yesterday’s bids (and rebids) today.

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The “Wind Correlation Penalty” bites in South Australia, and some wind farmers appear to blink

The past week, with wind farm output blowing gangbusters in South Australia (coupled with low demand and System Strength requirements) we seen the “Wind Correlation Penalty” start to bite, with some reactions also beginning to show.

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Different approaches for dispatch

Highlighting the different approaches taken to cost/price based dispatch in an interconnected electricity system (or market).

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Beginner’s Guide to how dispatch works in the NEM, and hence how prices are set

Walking through 5 (much simplified) “Dispatch Intervals” to illustrate some starting principles of marginal price based dispatch arrangements, such as used in the National Electricity Market

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Helping to tame Villain #4 by understanding more about MLFs

Conversations in the week following my post about “Villain #4” (being the deficit in required Energy Literacy) prompted some analysis relating to Marginal Loss Factors

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